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😍😍😍 reunited at last 😍😍😍

😍😍😍 reunited at last 😍😍😍


Supermarket, c.1953

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➜ More Adventurous | The Hairpin


I wrote about the tenth anniversary of Rilo Kiley’s More Adventurous and what it’s like to grow up inundated with art that’s been made by dudes.


@themissvon reports that Ice T wants to #SaveWRAS from @gpbnews! Stay strong in the fight to return daytime airwaves to @wrasalbum88! Thank @icet! (at Atlanta Airwaves)


@themissvon reports that Ice T wants to #SaveWRAS from @gpbnews! Stay strong in the fight to return daytime airwaves to @wrasalbum88! Thank @icet! (at Atlanta Airwaves)



From Elon James White Tuesday night.

This better have hundreds of thousands of notes at the end of the day or else

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small practice space solutions: if you’re tucked right next to the drums under the crash cymbal and don’t have earplugs, stuff tissues into your ears and wear a goofy beanie to keep it all in place

Anonymous: Who are you getting your Ferguson information from? I'm having problems verifying what's actually happening!



That’s actually what’s taking me so long to update some of my posts; not only is the information surfacing slowly about his case specifically, but I make sure to cross reference at least three sources because some people are just blatantly lying to stir shit up.

Also live feeds keep going down and new ones pop back up but I know some of you are sensitive to video, so

Here’s a list of some twitter handles:

Journalists (All of these are either on the ground in Ferguson as I type this or actively covering events in Ferguson, both Brown’s case and the rallies):


Instagram Accounts: (TW: Some of these accounts feature graphic video or images of Ferguson events)

Tumblr Accounts:

I’m sure I forgot a bunch but here’s a start. I’ll update it periodically and reblog. Some of it is compilations from a bunch of sources, some is original content. Disclaimer: I’m not vouching for any other content on any of these blogs/twitters/instagrams or any that may be posted after this list but as of right now, the information regarding Ferguson and discussions taking place about the rallies/police and Mike Brown’s death seems accurate.

if you want to be included on any of these lists, shoot me a message with your web-address and I’ll check it out

You will find everything I’ve posted under tagged/ferguson, tagged/police-brutality or tagged/michael-brown

updated and combined.



Picking daisies from the root in a butterfly sweater from my etsy.

Me. And this was the coziest lil sweater

look at my cute friends. go to etsy, buy the stuff



Chaos in Ferguson. Sunday night, part 4

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3

Reminder that:

- no, this isn’t over;
- no, these aren’t from earlier in the week;
- no, everything isn’t alright now;
- no, the police haven’t stopped brutalizing peaceful protesters;
- no, police haven’t intervened to stop the looting;
- no, police haven’t responded to emergency 911 calls for people injured by rubber bullets or children hit by cars;
- no, michael brown’s shooter still has not faced any consequences for murdering an unarmed teenager 9 days ago

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